We travelled over 6000 miles on our Mega West Coast Road Trip, that started in Joshua Tree, CA in March.  We made it all the way up to the Olympic Peninsula, and came back down through just a small corner of Idaho in August.  Even after 6 months and a lot of miles, both on the road and on the trails, we feel that we barely scratched the surface of this amazing part of the country.  We definitely spent more time in California, but even there we didn't get to see all we wanted to see.  Our biggest surprise was the powerful waterfalls and abundant wildflowers everywhere!

Snow lingered in the Sierras and Cascades well into July, keeping roads and trails closed.  While we hiked all the trails we wanted in Yosemite Valley, we did not get to see any of the high country (and Half Dome is still on our list!)  We had some RV maintenance delays that caused us to miss the Redwood forest, and fires up in Washington and Oregon caused us to change our minds about going to North Cascade National Park.  

We will definitely be planning a "do-over" trip to hit the Sierras and Cascades, probably some year in August.  We want to see more of Oregon and Washington as well.  And we definitely plan to spend at least a month exploring Idaho, this year we barely got a teaser!  

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