Welcome to our 45 day tour down to Mexico City from Amaro, Arizona.

Here, we will share with you our travel blog documenting our days as we travel from Amaro, Arizona. A small border town in the United States. We will be traveling the western coast of Mexico, south until we reach the beautiful historic capital of Mexico, Mexico City.

Slideshows coming soon!

We joined Baja Amigos, a Canadian company that hosts tours down to Mexico. Whether it be Baja California or the mainland of Mexico, they make all the arrangements to have a group of recreational vehicles convoy as a group down to Mexico. You get to visit all the RV parks and tour various local spots to learn about the history and culture of Mexico.


                                                 to find out more click the link  http://www.bajaamigos.net/45-day-mexico-mainland-tour-is-complete/

Departure date is November 1, 2019

We have completed the tour these are the places we visited and things we did.