We are Oscar & Barbara Zamudio. Ozbzfree4life is a name we chose when we sold everything and decided to travel full time and become "free".  We decided to embark on this adventure when several family members, friends, and business associates passed away in their 40s and 50s. We were fortunate to have all of Oscar's kids grown and living on their own, and we had saved enough to take some time off, comfortable with knowing that we might go back to work at some point.  We decided to take an "early retirement" while we are still young and healthy, even if we don't stay retired.  It's kind of like eating dessert before you get full on your dinner!

We are both middle-aged (if mid 40s and mid 50s is considered middle-aged!) and we are both experiencing most of what we are doing now together for the first time.  We have always worked hard to make a living, and now we are working hard to live!  We are enjoying exploring our world, our hearts and our minds.  We are discovering so much more than we ever imagined, and we love sharing our experiences with others.  We hope you will share part of our journey with us!  More importantly, we hope you are creating your own crazy experiences.

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