As we traveled through the country, we realized how much we loved to hike. We've met some like-minded individuals who are involved in other fun outdoor activities such as rock climbing and canyoneering. Last year we met a great group, the  "Arizona Mountaineering Club".   AMC is one of, if not the best, rock climbing organizations in the country where you can learn proper techniques to climb safely. While in Zion National Park we discovered "Canyoneering". We took a guided tour with "Zion Adventures". Our guide Jess Kavanagh took us to two fun canyons. As we finished the first Canyon Barbara was eager to do the second and a passion for exploring Canyons was born so much so that we dedicated a page just for canyoneering.

Rainbow Canyon Death Valley

Canyoneering Resource

Our Latest Canyon during the "North Wash Rendezvous" in Utah


Betas for Canyons & Hikes

Canyoneering Resource

Canyoneering Resource

American Canyoneering Academy


"Canyoneering": The addictive, adrenaline filled sport of exploring insanely beautiful and technical slot canyons while using mixed methods such as; Route finding, Rappelling, Downclimbing, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Constructing, Engineering, Teamwork, Sheer Grit, And yes, Sometimes tears. NOT recommended for the faint of heart.

Rock Climbing Resource

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