Swimming with WHale Sharks

 Swimming with Sea Lions at Lobos Island. One of the 6 Islands of Espiritu Santo.

This year we've decided to spend the winter in Baja California, Mexico. We chose to caravan with Baja Amigos to guide us through the process of not only registering the RV and going across the border but also learning of all the fun places we can visit in Mexico.  We are going with them on their 38 day trip, but we love it so much here in Baja that we have decided to "drop off" on day 21.  We will spend a month in La Paz, a month in Los Barriles, and a month in Loreto before we connect with another Baja Amigos caravan later in the spring to head back to the states.  We decided on the caravan option not only for safety, but so we can find out what we might want to do in the future if we want to return to Baja on our own.  Below is a link to the 38 day itinerary.  We are very excited, and will share our journey as we go!                       Anyone who wants to come visit, this is an open invitation.

On our way down to the Southern most tip of Baja California


       As we move around