The pursuit of a Pilot Certificate is not only challenging but also expensive.  It is such a commitment that "Failure is not an option" plays a huge role. Not only does it take a couple of thousand dollars just to get started,  the more you fly the scarier it gets until you train long enough to build the confidence to "Solo" which is probably one of the most memorable events in a pilot's life. It takes an average of 70 hours of flight training to earn your Private Pilot Certificate with a required 40 hours minimum.

There are six types of certificates available. Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, Flight Instructor and Air Transport.

Bucket list Item. Can you imagine flying around the Statue of Liberty

I did !

Pilots have a thing called "The $100 Dollar hamburger". The hamburger does not cost $100 dollars but the ability to go out, rent an airplane for $100-300 dollars and hour (engine running), take 3 of your friends, fly to an airport (there are approximately 15,095 public airports in the US according to the CIA 2009), have a hamburger at the airport (there are many themed, very cool, scenic airports), get back in the plane and fly back home. This can be a unique couple hours of your day that has made a lifetime memory.

Once you earn a pilot certificate you can add ratings to expand you flying possibilities.

High Performance, Seaplane, Mountain, Twin Engine, Jet to name a few.

Can you imagine landing on a lake somewhere to do some fishing and camping right under your wing?